The Data Center or Hosting Providers Big Headache - Bad Servers on the Network

Tired of finding out about compromised servers, hackers and spammers AFTER you get blacklisted? It seems that a lot of people in the data center and hosting providers are. And they asked us to solve this problem for them. Today, it is more important than ever to detect these outbreaks from your data center immediately. Because if you don't, your customers will be screaming loudly when they find out they are blacklisted, or worse. And of course it is your fault. But we do have to realize that it is our responsibility for what comes out our networks. But it isn't simple, or easy. Some providers would like to be more pro-active if they could. And they came to us looking for a solution. What did they want?

What does the data center need?

And what then? Alert Someone! What kinds of attacks do we need to detect?

What is the solution?

And how do we want to do this? As simply as possibly. This is why we came up with the concept of Edge Alert. A simple appliance that can detect outbound attacks from ALL the servers, VPS and other instances of IP's in your network. And report it to you as soon as it happens. And with the Edge Alert Pro Version, you want to even go one step further, and stop the attack from that IP Address dead. That's why our logo features a traffic light. Simple, all IP's get the green light to start. When it hits a certain level, the light goes orange for that IP Address, and your administrator can get an alert to check it out. However, if he isn't available right away, and the traffic keeps climbing, you want to have it STOP the traffic. End of story. Better Safe than Sorry

Features of Edge Alert

Edge Alert is meant to work in all data center environments. We have solutions whether you have a 10Mg, 100Mg, or GigaBit Pipe. A simple to use, simple to install appliance that does it all, and detects all your servers, with little setup and configuration.

Contact us now, and find out more

We are working with ISP's, Hosting Providers and Data Centers to provide the best of breed technologies. Edge Alert is a LinuxMagic Product, so you know that the product is backed up by a company that knows the industry, and has a great reputation solving the pain points. We are proud that we can once again, 'Make the world a better place, one key stroke at a time'. If you are interested in Edge Alert, please contact us at via our LinuxMagic website, and use the contact forms or contact our sales offices at, and we can see how we can best serve you.